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Stefan couldn’t take his eyes off her he still couldn’t believe how amazing she was looking tonight but then again he still couldn’t believe he had gotten lucky enough to marry her. Looking at Katherine Stefan gave her a smile kissing her back softly. “Alright Mrs. Salvatore let’s get going” Lacing his fingers with hers her let her slid into the car. Feeling the box in his pocket Stefan knew that what he had in store for her would be a lot better than last time. Leaning over he gave her kiss on the cheek. “So I have something amazing planned for us tonight babe. I just want to make you feel beautiful and just show you how much I love you” he whispered in her ear cupping her face slightly. Giving her another kiss he leaned back into his seat watching the sites fly by then as they left the town.  Getting to the restaurant Stefan open the car door open holding his hand out for her to take. Watching her take his hand he smiled helping her out of the car walking into the restaurant with their finger laced Stefan smiled at the hostess. Watching her take care of the couple in front of them Stefan wrapped his arm around Katherine waist. “Babe try to have fun for me” leaning down he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. Walking up the hostess Stefan gave her their name “It should be under Salvatore” getting the nod from her Stefan followed behind her to table they would be sitting at pulling out the chair for Katherine he let her sit down before going over to his own chair taking a sit. Watching the waitress walking up he gave her a smile ordering them some wine. Watching the waitress walk away Stefan turned back to look at Katherine. “I still can’t get over how beautiful you look tonight babe”

A suit. A freaking suit and damn, he look great in it. With everything that had happened lately, it seemed as if they were just lately getting back into some steady floor, or at least getting some more calmness and Katherine was hoping from the bottom of her heart that it’d stay that way. He was her everything, and she knew she would be completley lost without him. Resting her head on his shoulder, Katherine kept her fingers laced with his and gave him a honest smile as he spoke. “How is it that you are the best husband ever?” Katherine asked him, biting her bottom lip as he cupped her face, then kissed him back briefly. When the car stopped and Stefan held the door open and his hand out for her to take, she smirked, taking it and getting out of the car and walked beside Stefan towards the restaurant. ‘Fancy' She thought as they walked in and the hostess took care of everything. She wrapped her arms around Stefan's neck, half smirking. “Fun with you? That's a given, baby.” Katherine was really wondering what was up with Stefan. Not in a bad way, because he looked happy and expectant, love filling his features everytime he looked at her which, she had noticed, was pretty much all the time. How had she noticed? Because she had been doing the same thing. Looking at the hostess, Katherine unwrapped her arms from her husband's neck and  leaned close to him, a soft smile gracing her lips. Already at the table, Katherine crossed one leg over the other, distractedly fixing her hair so all the curls would fall down one of her shoulders. “Well you don't look bad yourself, baby. In fact, you don't look bad at all.” Katherine answered, her smile turning playful, her eyes having a human kind of fire, a fire that hadn't been seen in over five centuries. Katherine knew Stefan brought to the light oh so many things of her. Her humanity, her deepest secrets, the things that she preferred hidden, he was the best part of her, and one of the things she would give her life for without a second thought or doubt about it. She knew she would never give up on him, no matter what. True love makes us do crazy things; Katherine remembered her own words and smirked “So, will you tell me what’s up with you or should I pretend this is completely normal?” She asked in a teaseful manner.